The Head Trip Called Led Zeppelin – Alison Nicole Osmond

I’m sure you’re wondering how on earth I can write about music yet again…  Well I’ll tell you, it inspires me, every day, at least every hour, and sometimes even lasting for hours.  I feel it on some level every single time my ears are aroused, and now that we have YouTube and iTunes, well that’s a whole different story!

Now onto the the matter at hand, what would we do without LED ZEPPELIN or rather, ROBERT PLANT and his mad hair?  He’s simply iconic and has had amazing staying power in this industry, plus he made Rock a very sexy game.  I’ll just take a second here to tell you my admiration for his divine torso, which he loved to reveal in his performances.  From his chest to his adoring face was pure heaven.  He also moved like he was ready to give a lap dance.  His whole aura was just dead-on sexy, I don’t care who you are; but behind those eyes, is a most-incredible and genuine soul.  Oh yes, he was and still is heavenly-divine.  I doubt there’s a soul on the planet that has seen LED ZEPPELIN LIVE and had a bad experience.

I have to share this video, it’s just a spiritual experience to watch, in my eyes anyway.  Each man is unique to his craft and effortless in his field.  In this video I have to give props to the entire production crew, the pre-production crew and their amazingly-perfect camera angles, to post-production editing and all the magnificent color filters they used.  Every frame is a glorious visual-high.  I mean there was no digital HD stuff back then, but they did a good job with the graphic style, considering the technology back then.

LED ZEPPELIN LIVE as a whole band, is really quite-something to behold, it’s something I know I’ll never forget.  I really have to give props to every man up in this band; they each made some impact in the music world, not to mention how incredibly talented they all were at writing and composing their music, they had incredible coordination and impeccable timing…  For one, there’s JIM PAGE, born as James Patrick “Jimmy” Page, who was born an English multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and record producer.  And what about those multi-neck guitars!  Oh my, it was like double the experience, I’m well enough if I could master one fret-board, let alone two.  So anyway, the lead guitarist, JIMMY PAGE wasn’t just something to listen to, he was something to watch, and might I say, to observe carefully.  I’m certain he inspired a good many of you because he ignited the fire of every budding-musician who watched or heard him.

I was smitten from the get-go by Zeppelin and their creativity with sound and ever-changing keys, by their pure jam with every song, I can imagine even the rehearsals were hot.  They were a really passionate band in my opinion.  I’d like to have been in on the creative process in the making of any of their songs.  Seriously, ROBERT PLANT had such a versatile voice!  His higher register is like a plumb-filled fruit, bursting with raspy inflections of timely notes.  You’d think he was a pretty reserved character until he takes to the mic, then WOW!  Man you can’t help but feel that…  I’m sure he was probably higher than a kite, but he brought it and he brought it big every single time he performed.  You know he made love to his microphone…I’m just saying.  Notably, ROBERT PLANT also had a successful solo career.  In 2007, Plant released Raising Sand, an album produced by T-Bone Burnett, with American bluegrass soprano ALISON KRAUSS, who later won the 2009 Grammy Award for Album Of The Year at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards.  Not to mention all of LED ZEPPELINS’ chart-topping hits in the history of music.

ROBERT PLANT, an English rock singer and songwriter, best known as the vocalist and lyricist of the rock band LED ZEPPELIN of course.  His voice was his instrument and he played it like a fiddle.  I think Plant sang with every fiber of his being!  The video you’ll see below I feel best depicts the essence of LED ZEPPELIN. It’s of the well-known song “Black Dog“, which I’m sure you all know, it just screams High School to me.  But, what a glorious performance that was.  I could feel the sheer enjoyment each artist was feeling as they played their heart.  Now go and enjoy the video and we’ll see you back here in a few…

I hope you enjoyed that video!  The drawing at the top of this page was done by a friend of mine, RON CHIPMAN, he’s an artist who depicts musicians, actors and sports legends with his pencil in-hand, and he does it with such authority.  In his artwork, Ron has incredible use of light and shadows, with perfect balance in his pencil sketches.  They’re quite masterful.  Ron did a drawing of ROBERT PLANT and JIMMY PAGE that is stunning and is a spitting-image of the original photograph,  you really should visit his website and see what I’m talking about… – – He truly does bring his drawings to life.  And the thing is they’re very inexpensive as well, I was amazed, only $25 bucks a pop for a nice print!  Very cool…  Go check out all his fine work…

Now off the subject for a moment, a little voice lesson here; notice ROBERT PLANT’S enunciation; though he speaks with a british accent, he sings as if he were a red-blooded American man.  You’d never guess it.  I learned to first speak with a british accent from a dialect coach, then I was taught to sing with a british accent because it helped round out the vowels and improve my resonation.  Open the back of your throat a bit, and enunciate by rounding out the vowel in it and close it by emphasizing the last letter, for example: I l-aww-va you.  Do you see what I’m talking about?  Opening and closing the word properly forces you to open up and let that gorgeous, unique tone out, but it helps your listeners hear the beginning and end of the lyric so they get what you’re singing, and feel it right along with you.  This is one thing that sets apart British and Australian artists like Adele and Olivia Newton John for example, unless the artist has had training to learn this technique.  It truly does help your enunciation and ROBERT PLANT is no exception.

Thanks ya’ll for going on this HEAD TRIP CALLED LED ZEPPLIN with me!  I thoroughly enjoyed your company.  I think you all RAWK and hope that you all join me next time to experience Peace, Love and Music….

Till then,

Alison Nicole Osmond

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